Saturday, May 26, 2012

Spring, the best season for exploring things natural.

Hi everybody. Hope you’re having a lovely and beautiful spring wherever you are. It is right in the middle of Spring in Korea now. Everywhere is full of breathtaking flowers and amazing fresh greens. How much I adore Mother Nature! I just cannot let those beautiful things go away without wowing and taking photos of them. I am a spring person (proudly born in Apr.) and extremely inspired by the season. I like everything spring-y!

Recently I am spending more time outside (especially in the lake park near my atelier. I hope I take you here some time soon. It is an amazing and peaceful park where I go on a picnic with my dear fiancé often.) enjoying the ticklish sunshine on my face. Love the warm and crispy air as well as lots of colorful flowers greeting while we take a walk in the park.  

 Here are small gifts for you. Some of them are from a few weeks ago, and others are from just a few days ago. You might notice I used those lovely flowers as backgrounds for my products (here). They create such a festive and vibrant look, don’t they?

Colorful flowers always grab our attention, but what about greens? Recently, I found this fresh and enticing green field near the train station. I’ve never attracted by green this much. At the beginning I was simply curious of them and as they grew I just fell in love with them. (I try to watch them every day when I ship my packages.) Do you know what they are? They are barley. In Korea, we used to mix barley with our rice. A very healthy and also flavorful way of cooking rice. If you happen to find it at your local market please try it. You will love its subtle and savory taste. Way way better than just plain rice. Next to the barley field, here are some hot ladies saying hello to you. Are they familiar to you? Those are poppies. Oh, I should say it correctly. Those are ‘great poppies’. Matching with fresh green barley, these flowers look absolutely amazing. I must wow their simple beauty.

I get inspired by nature very (very, very, and very) often. I try to create something outdoor and knitting in the park is one of my favorite things. I’ve just finished knitting my potholder (the photos are coming soon.) the other day. I used to love pretty loud colors, but this time I tried something new: A little contrast of color and texture (I used this pattern at Ravelry. Check it out if you’re interested). I chose a soft and pastel color and let the pretty floral pattern show off. I am not completely happy about this though. The texture isn’t showy as I expected. I might try in stronger color later and will see if it makes the pattern look better.)

So, how’s your spring is going so far? I really hope you guys go out and have some fun while the weather is friendly and the air is refreshing. As I always say taking a walk is the most affordable and healthiest medicine you can ever take!! Enjoy yours today!