Monday, September 17, 2012


Last summer was fun. I had nicely busy days with sewing and crafting: great way to enjoy some extra free time and prepare the exciting new season. One of my favorite things I’ve developed is knitting while sipping a lovely herb tea at my local teashop. I used to be a huge cappuccino-holic, and still I worship it every day (cannot imagine starting a day without one), but recently I explored a new joy from drinking herb tea. I might put up my experience this way: Coffee energizes and inspires me while the herb tea relaxes and calms me down. This means tea goes with knitting perfectly. So, what’s my favorite? Chamomile and lemongrass so far. There are many different kinds of leaves and I am so tempted to try new ones every time I visit the shop. Shapes and fragrances of tea leaves and petals amaze me all the time, but most exciting part is watching those tealeaves are getting infused creating a breathtaking colorways in the special teapot.

While the tea is getting ready, here’s something I would make: little coasters for tea cups. I got this heavenly soft and beautiful yarn by Debbie Bliss ( a few years ago and saved it for something special. The only problem is I have ‘one’ ball that it is little too small for any kinds of projects. Then one day while I was hanging out at Ravelry (Yes, I know. I am having too much fun over there), I found this gorgeous pattern called herringbone stitch. I fell in love with it instantly when I tried first time and thought it would go with my denim yarn perfectly. There are a few different types of herringbone stitches out there, but I realized the first one I tried looked most gorgeous and constructs a very durable fabric.
If you’re interested in the pattern this is the one I tried ( Pretty simple one, but I should warn you one thing. It is very hard to fix once you make a mistake. At the beginning I attempted to ravel and tried again in the middle, but it wasn't successful. I ended up starting  over from the very begining again. However, it was totally worth it. Anyway, you might want to give an extra attention until you’re familiar with the pattern. I purely adore the texture the pattern creates and the yarn matches the pattern beautifully. Since the pattern makes the fabric pretty thick and tight it is ideal for creating mats or something needs to be sturdy. I think of making placemats in autumnal color next time.  

So, what about you? What are you working on recently? I am sure you guys have long lists to knit or create as I do. I heard many of my Ravelry friends finishing some fabulous projects for Christmas gifts already. Aww.. I am so~ jealous! I will really have to kick some butt this season. Hope the beautiful weather inspires you and you have lots of fun with your creative activities in this fall. Endulge yourself with some tea or coffee and enjoy whatever you do and see you soon.~


Edelweiss Knits said...

Great post :) Love that tea pot and those little cups. Your coasters are beautiful also.

I am working through my knit list at the moment also.. trying to finish up a hat that has been giving me trouble and ready to move on to the next project! ;)

Anonymous said...

I love the look and the texture of the herringbone stitch - lovely!

Elisabeth Andree said...

Lovely post with lovely photos and the coasters look really pretty. I am a crocheter and not a knitter, but it about working with yarn that feels so good, isn't it? I am working on a bedspread and cushion covers.

Windybrook Spinner said...

Darling pictures. What wonderful tea cups! The coasters are beautiful.

Rosenfee said...

Well done,looking good!
A nice idea to enjoy a cup of tasty herbal tea
Patricia (rubin at ravelry)

Magic Mammoth said...

I really like your coasters. Thanks for sharing them with us.

I'm working on many things about now but my favourite has to be my Umaro.

Evfa/Nystverket said...

Right now I work on a wingspan, a Molly Weasley amazing technicolor housecoat, a hooded scarf and some more small stuff. Very nice sewing you make!
hugs Evfa (solfjader on Rav)

Amanda Thornton said...

Love the coaster! They look great in that yarn :)

...Fabricole said...

The coasters are beautiful.

Angelika said...

Thank you for sharing the link to the heringbone stich - it's in my queue now!
Your blog is just amazing - so many lovely things you show here. I always enjoy to scroll me throu and find new inspiration. Good work!

Lisa Comperry said...

I found you on Ravelry! I love these coasters, their beautiful color and textures..You have an awesome blog..I a new follower :-)