Thursday, September 27, 2012

New for the atelier: first few arrivals

Hi guys~ It’s been a while since my atelier introduced fresh products. As a new season arrives my new creations are waiting for you to say hello. Last summer, I’ve been working on creating different color schemes and developing simple yet practical designs. This season the atelier will be open with not only knitting/crochet related products but also some cool bags and organizers for daily use. So, please stay tuned and swing by when you have a chance. You know when you visit my atelier you will be inspired and excited~
So, here we go. Some of my new arrivals. Thanks to my fans who have kept asking for ‘easy to use’ as well as ‘looking-good’ knitting bags I came up with those versatile drawstring bags. The new version is roomier than my originals and has many pockets in and out. So, how many? I say about 8ish? But as you know you can customize the sizes and numbers of pockets. (Don’t forget. That’s the privilege you get when you shop at my atelier~) Six small pockets inside can hold lots of things from small stitch markers to circular needles. I also keep my pens and a handful of crochet hooks just in case. Outer pleated pockets are pretty spacious so they are able to hold knitting pieces you're working on or your phone and purse for knitting out. Sounds pretty cool, doesn’t it? J 
I love drawstring bags very much if you noticed. I enjoy making them as well as carrying them out every day. They can hold any shapes of my little stuffs snuggly and easy to grab when I need to take short trips to a post office or bank. I especially love this new version since it has so many pockets that I can organize my things nicely.
I still try to create new colors. I know. I have so many colors already you can choose from. Many of my fans complain that it is so hard to choose what they want since there are little too many options. Sorry, guys, but I think that’s a good thing. I always wanted to have some options and I am sure it is very important for some of you, too. If you have a problem with choosing one color, simply choose some and let me work with you. Who knows? We can come up with something totally awesome! We don’t have to stay in the box when we don’t feel comfortable in it. Let's think out of the box! Anyway, my new colors will arrive soon if you’re interested. This time I am working with deeper and richer colors and darker shades. You will see them (and hopefully like them) real soon.~

So, how’s everything going with you then? I am sure you got busy creating something fabulous, too. Anyone want to share? I will be so excited to hear from you. Thanks for stopping by and have a creative and fun season~



Saturday, September 22, 2012

A new skirt for a lovely season~


During the summer, I started to knit this simple yet stylish dress to wear in the fall. I’ve never tried a skirt or a dress in my life so was a bit nervous about the sizing and adjusting a gauge at the beginning. What if it is too big or too small for me? Do I have somebody I can give in case it doesn’t fit me? Etc… But, it is just a skirt. It wouldn’t eat me, right? So, I decided to go for it anyway.

I am not sure when I bought this yarn exactly, but I still remember I got a great deal. The colorway wasn’t my favorite, but the yarnshop was doing a ‘buy one get one free’ promotion with this particular yarn made in Japan. I felt it is a waste if I didn’t buy any and got super greedy ending up with buying 2 packages. (which means 4 total packages (40 balls!!) I know I am sick. I have lots of yarns and fabrics to work with. But, still I want more. Please don’t tell me I am alone. I am sure many of you have the same disease. J  

The colorway is pretty interesting: Mainly black with hints of neon yellow, neon pink, and neon green. This wouldn’t go with fancy texture knitting since the texture wouldn’t show off clearly, but could work well with subtle and big texture. I wanted to have a dark-colored yet not too plain skirt, so I guessed this yarn would work nicely with the butterfly skirt pattern. (
The pattern was super easy to follow and the yarn was pleasant to work with. I got a bit bored about half way because of the unlimited repetitions, but once I got used to the pattern I was able to enjoy the mindless knitting. I hoped the lacy bottom of the skirt would have more flares after blocking, but I am pretty satisfied with what I got now. I thought this piece would look casual, but it turned out to be classy as well as stylish. The finished size is slightly tight, but since the yarn and the pattern are nicely elastic it fits perfectly in my body shape. The waist line turned out to be a bit bigger than I planned, but elastic band worked out very nicely making the dress comfortably fit my size. 
Overall, this is a lovely and easy skirt you can try out without any previous experiences. Even if you make mistakes with sizing I am sure you will fix it pretty easily without a big modification. The style goes with any kinds of shirt or blouse so you can wear anywhere and any occasions.  
After finishing this project I got to know the yarn better and liked it even more. So, what I am knitting with it now? An easy and cozy cardigan I’ve been dreaming so long. I am a cardigan lover, but never had started one before. Completing the skirt gave me a huge confidence (Yes, it is so strange. This skirt was not hard at all, but after I finished it I got my knitting mojo back and I am on fire now.) and I finally have a gut to start something big I haven’t tried yet. So this is what I am doing now. I saved this cardigan pattern at least 3 years ago and now finished a body piece and one sleeves. Hopefully this can be ready to wear by the end of Sep. It would be a perfect weather by then and I am so excited to show it off~ 

So what are you busy for? You’re enjoying your knitting, crocheting, sewing, and other crafts in this wonderful season? I hope you find your own joy from what you’re making and share with me. Have a creative and cozy season and most of all, be happy with what you’re doing. 

Take care,

Monday, September 17, 2012


Last summer was fun. I had nicely busy days with sewing and crafting: great way to enjoy some extra free time and prepare the exciting new season. One of my favorite things I’ve developed is knitting while sipping a lovely herb tea at my local teashop. I used to be a huge cappuccino-holic, and still I worship it every day (cannot imagine starting a day without one), but recently I explored a new joy from drinking herb tea. I might put up my experience this way: Coffee energizes and inspires me while the herb tea relaxes and calms me down. This means tea goes with knitting perfectly. So, what’s my favorite? Chamomile and lemongrass so far. There are many different kinds of leaves and I am so tempted to try new ones every time I visit the shop. Shapes and fragrances of tea leaves and petals amaze me all the time, but most exciting part is watching those tealeaves are getting infused creating a breathtaking colorways in the special teapot.

While the tea is getting ready, here’s something I would make: little coasters for tea cups. I got this heavenly soft and beautiful yarn by Debbie Bliss ( a few years ago and saved it for something special. The only problem is I have ‘one’ ball that it is little too small for any kinds of projects. Then one day while I was hanging out at Ravelry (Yes, I know. I am having too much fun over there), I found this gorgeous pattern called herringbone stitch. I fell in love with it instantly when I tried first time and thought it would go with my denim yarn perfectly. There are a few different types of herringbone stitches out there, but I realized the first one I tried looked most gorgeous and constructs a very durable fabric.
If you’re interested in the pattern this is the one I tried ( Pretty simple one, but I should warn you one thing. It is very hard to fix once you make a mistake. At the beginning I attempted to ravel and tried again in the middle, but it wasn't successful. I ended up starting  over from the very begining again. However, it was totally worth it. Anyway, you might want to give an extra attention until you’re familiar with the pattern. I purely adore the texture the pattern creates and the yarn matches the pattern beautifully. Since the pattern makes the fabric pretty thick and tight it is ideal for creating mats or something needs to be sturdy. I think of making placemats in autumnal color next time.  

So, what about you? What are you working on recently? I am sure you guys have long lists to knit or create as I do. I heard many of my Ravelry friends finishing some fabulous projects for Christmas gifts already. Aww.. I am so~ jealous! I will really have to kick some butt this season. Hope the beautiful weather inspires you and you have lots of fun with your creative activities in this fall. Endulge yourself with some tea or coffee and enjoy whatever you do and see you soon.~