Friday, June 7, 2013

Hello, hello everyone, I am finally back!

How've you been? Hope your spring has been fun and enjoyable with lots of projects and you're excited for a new beautiful season with something green and refreshing. I also hope you missed me and wondered what I was up to as I missed you so much while I was away. Ohh, how much I missed you and wanted to talk to you. It was so hard to live away from my little blog and friendly readers. It was so darn hard... :) I apologize for being little too lazy and not able to talk to you so long. Obviously, it isn’t such a good idea to ignore my blog this long. I feel guilty and sorry. I found many new fans were joining subscription even when I was away. How sweet! I must keep going forward. You’re my true inspiration and reliable supporters. I am so~ blessed to have you! 


Spring is my kind of season. Spring in Korea used to be so lovely and glorious: full of warm sunshine, calm and peaceful breeze, indescribable colors of flowers, refreshing green carpet of grass everywhere. Recently it is changing so dramatically though. Most of all, the air pollution from China attacked so bad that me and my fiancé had to suffer serious throat and lung pain couple of weeks. We sneezed, coughed, sneezed, coughed and over and over again..

We went out to get fresh air hoping to get healthier but ended up being so sick. Our attempt to get healthy turned out to be poison to us. We realized we should be extra careful when we out in spring. Well, spring is not the same as I used to know.

Here’s one more story made me think further. The other day I was watching news about air pollution. In Korea we pick up some herbs and plants during the spring season. We make rice cakes, teas, salads and many other foods out of those greens. However, the news was warning for those grow near the busy car streets. What they found is poisons from cars stay on the surfaces of plants and some of them don’t go away even if we wash or boil them. When we eat them they will stay in our organs and make some serious problems.

After those depressing experiences we decided to carry out what we’ve been planning long time: start gardening by ourselves. Providing green and clean environment and eating healthy and natural. Since we are living in the city it is not easy to find enough fields to grow our greens so we made this tiny garden as a starter near the windowsill. If this goes well we will extended it and grow more. J said he would make the area just like a jungle. Well, we will see. J

So here are some little ones we bought at the market. This is our first time so instead of sowing seeds we chose shortcut. The moment we bought them they were pretty tiny and weak just like preemies but overnight they got way healthier.

So we got those little boxes for free at the market. Well, they were about to be thrown away so we just adopted them as our pots. Little baby plants are about 1 buck per 6. Aren’t they marvelous? So we got about 5 sets. I went just like a crazy kid after we got all set. That was the most exciting moment since I was proposed! J

We carefully put everyone in place. J got excited, too. He looked so happy while he was planting little ones. Hope he gets more inspired and becomes a passionate gardener.

Here is our little garden. Aren’t they adorable? They already look so amazing to me. Those are all edible babygreens but we are planning to add some herbs, plants and flowers next few weeks. This is purely a great idea and real joy! Nothing fancy but obviously plants nurture us calmly and peacefully while we nurture them. We will enjoy this all around the year. I am already feeling like I am a mom, kind of. J

Any of you garden? I am sure many of you have an outdoor garden, too. If so, you guys are so blessed. Keep growing and enjoying and if you’d like to please share your story or your blog. I will be so happy to visit yours. If you’re hesitating this is a great time to start! You know I am all about something simple and easy. Gardening perfectly fits the department. If I can do this you can, absolutely!!

Thanks for visiting and supporting me generously. I will be back with something fun very very soon. Please stop by often and say hi~



Anonymous said...

Even with a bigger garden it's not always easy! I live in the Highlands of Scotland which has a very short growing season and this year I planted too early and lost it all to the wind and rain. I started again though and the last couple of weeks have been very warm and sunny so it's going better now :-)

Windybrook Spinner said...

I'm so glad you posted again. I did miss you and wonder how you were doing. Your greens are lovely. That's terrible about all the pollution.

Camille said...

Really happy to read you again, it's a pleasure, your greens are very lovely, I hope they will grow fastly.
I hope to read you again very soon!

Anonymous said...

I missed your blog and glad you are back :)

vitsippa said...

I Googled Knitting Seoul Korea, and your blog post from last year popped up, about a new yarn shop. Read through the comments and read that someone had a hard time finding it, is it still there or out of business?
I will be visiting Seoul, this fall and would love to find the yarn shop or any other yarn store, and/or the craft market you mentioned. Could you reply with an address if you have them?
Thank you, Lena

Soyun Park said...

Hi Lena,

The shop is still running and it is so easy to find it. It is almost right out of the subway stn. and you can't miss it.
About other craftshops I am trying to blog soon so please keep checking out my postings this summer!

vitsippa said...

Thank you for your reply! I'll keep checking in.

Anonymous said...

what is the address of your shop in Seoul?