Saturday, June 15, 2013

One season goes and the other one comes...

Hi everyone,

Hope your world is turning more beautiful and lovely. My side of the world is getting warmer way faster than previous years. I don't want to say good-bye to spring just yet though. I am just not ready yet. :) Spring is one of the perfect seasons to enjoy creating. As always, as we all know, so many projects we work on but too little time we got. New fabrics, new designs, new color schemes, and new methods keep making me busy. I saved so many ideas and inspirations but often I wish I had more time to play with them. Once things get going I sing, I dance and I simply fly with what I create. Any of you feel that way while crafting? :) Anyway, my new line of bags and pouches are so excited to meet you very soon. I am trying to experiment with rich natural color schemes and more rustic textures in coming season.

As my life craves more nature my creations resemble nature more. I think that's a good thing (isn't it?) and I want to keep it that way. Hope you get to enjoy and get inspired by what I offer for you. Please know that I am always appreciated your feedbacks whenever you’d like to share. So if you have something please let me know.

Before I leave here're hats I did for my fiance this spring. For some reason, this spring was unusually windy and chilly in Korea. Those two hats have been helping him in the early morning commuting and late night walks keeping him cozy and toasty. Am I alone in thinking he looks adorable in any hats I knit? :) He purely is a great model for hats I've been knitting so far. I like my hats most when they are on his head.

This is the same pattern as my skirt I knit last summer: (Here it is!) So easy and stylish. Looking great with wheather solid or variated yarns. This is warm and toasty kind of hat.


This one has a rather stylish and delicate look. The texture is elegant and the colorway is subtle yet soft. Simply perfect for windy spring days. I guess he likes this one a bit better. If you're interested here's a pattern. As I always like easy and simple.

What are YOU working on recently? What do you usually knit/crochet during the warm season? Whatever you do I hope you enjoy and get lots of happiness and love out of it. Have a wonderful start of the summer and happy creating!




Windybrook Spinner said...

Great hats and beautiful photos. I really enjoy your blog and I wish I could buy everything in your cute shop.

lilirious said...

awesome hats! (and yes, your fiance is a very good model ;) haha). I usually only spin during the warmer months, but the Netherlands hasn't warmed up just yet, so I'm working on a baby project :)

atangledyarn said...

beautiful work!! and yes, your fiance is a great model:) the hats look great, and all the bags…i want, i want:)

Soyun Park said...

I am glad you liked reading it. Hope you keep stopping by and say hello. :)
I keep making things for you. Hopefully someday you have a chance to try some!

Soyun Park said...

I've never tried spining and I hope i could do someday soon!
Hope your baby projects are going well. Please let me know when you finish them so I can check out! Happy stitching! xo!

Soyun Park said...

Thanks, thanks!!! You just made me smile! :) Hope someday you let me serve you with some of my bags! I am sure the day will come soon. Happy stitching!xo!

Hooker Leo said...

I love those hats!

fifane said...

Ohhhh so gorgeous hats!!!!! I love them very much!!! Wonderfull Soyun! Your blog is a real travel and I love it so much!
Fifane from brussels