Sunday, September 22, 2013

Learning Lace Work

Since the last summer I've started (re)learning something I've wanted long time: Knitting Lace. A while ago I've done  just a piece or two lacework (I don't really remember what I knit exactly. Well, obviously I didn't really get into it then.) but this time I get rather serious about it and go for it again. One thing I remeber is doing YOs and counting stitches were so troublesome that I had to pull my hair out almost every other row. So, I decided to put it away little while until I am ready to take a next level (and hopefully soon). Oh, well. It took roughly almost 10 years for me to have a gut for starting over. Yes, it is incredibly long ago I admit but I am glad I decided to rediscover lacework. I learned it is fun and most of all, the finished project looks nicely surprising.

For the safe attempt I chose this simple yet interesting scarf from Ravelry: Feather and Fan Short Scarf. I needed something easy to follow but still the finished product is charming enough that I might discover further and do more lacework. I think this was a perfect call I made.

I didn't have a yarn called for this project but instantly felt one ball of delicate linen yarn I'd been saving for some special project could make it work. Still this was so new to me. First time using fingering weight yarn, first time using 100% pure linen yarn and.. ALMOST first time to do glamorous lacework. Hoping it went well (at least okay) I ackwardly and nerversely started YOs. Always tough at the firtst row as we all know, but it got better and smoother as the knit went.
I forgot to take photos in the middle of my knitting so sadly I don't have work-in-progress photos to share with you, but I confess it didn't look good at the beginning. Actually it got so crinkly and wringkly I had hard time to keep going. I wondered if it wolud ever make it. Around 6th row I finally started seeing the texture being recognizable and the garment  grow pretty nicely. I also started to memorize the pattern and develop my rythm for handling needles and the yarn. How fun, finally!

So I guess my little practice turned out pretty successfully. I think I am going to knit this again with different yarns later. Considering such small attention and effort I invested this piece turned out little too marvelous!

What's next? I am not sure yet. But, I think I have little more confidence now. So what about a big fancy shawl then? Am I going too crazy? Well, we will see. I might find something just for my level but looking just lovely!

Happy stitching every one!