Tuesday, November 19, 2013

A sweater that would set a milestone.

After finished my pullover (Here it is. If you’re curious.) last year I started to grow extra-confidence about my knitting ability and attempted a new big project right away: A cozy-looking jacket I had been wanting to make, wear, and show off..  Obviously I was little too much excited about my first pullover that generated lots of compliments from friends here and there. However, the new one I started was a bit heavy garment taking a good deal of time and attention. The beginning wasn’t so bad but I was slowly losing my interest in it. Time goes by... During the hot and humid summer I totally forgot try to forget about the thick and chunky piece in deep deep bottom of my heart feeling pretty guilty. Frankly this unfinished business has bothered me so bad. Finally a few weeks ago when the weather got significantly chilly I decided to come clean and retake this challenge. Nothing fancy really. It is just a work of simple stockinet stitch but the construction was rather unfamiliar to this first time-sweater knitter at the begining. It took a little while to understand how ‘mitred hems’ work.

This time I didn't want to let it go. For some reason I felt this shouldn't take too long. So a few weeks of straight work (NO! I didn't get distracted by other projects as I used to.) I finally managed to complete this baby! I feel awesome to finish this Un-Finished-Object after a long neglect and also great to use up lots of this yarn stash. (Well, do you remember? I made a skirt last year with this yarn. It is going down but still I have lots left. Anyone, interested in swapping?)

Here I proudly present my new first ever sweater! (I know I knit a sweater before but that was a pullover style. Pretty easier than this. This one I could call a legit sweater! Even a jacket!)  Such a simple and minimal design yet it is rather cute and sweet!

Just one thing I am not completely happy about this is the ‘mitred hem’. I like the idea but it didn’t come out neat enough. This is the look from the back. The hem looks little too bumpy and rough to me. My knitting wasn't consistent? Maybe one more blocking would help? Well, I could try.

 It took a while to finish but I am generally happy now. I've learned lots of new techniques from this pattern that I want to use later on and enjoyed knitting quite well. It just required a bit extra patience to finish. I think totally worth it though. What do you think?
My next project? I am thinking.... something to gift. I know not so much time left. So... I might crochet something as last-minute gifts. Still I have to brush up my crochet skill but I think I crochet faster than knit. I am gonna share them on my next posting if they turned out good. (Please wish me luck!) What about you guys? What's on your needles or hooks? Are you ready for Holiday season yet? Hope you are~ :)