Thursday, May 29, 2014

Getting touched by nature ~

Hi all! How’ve you been? Loooong time no talk seriously. I’ve been busy during the cold time which is one my favorite crafting and resting seasons. Have you been creative and inspired? Have you enjoyed some cozy fuzzy time creating awesome stuffs? I hope so. :)
Here in Ansan, just the outskirt of Seoul, South Korea is turning pretty lovely this time of the year. Spring is just ‘wonderfully’ full and outside is nothing but green. The air is refreshing and fragrant roses are just everywhere. I cannot ask more. 
Today, I’d like you to taste a small bite of my neighborhood where I mainly live, work, walk and create things. My city is pretty big and there are lots of things to show off. So.. this is gonna be just an introduction of the town. Hopefully I can share some more sometime later.
I take a long walk on a daily basis. Recently the city created a fantastic track between my house to the lake park (that I just adore so much!). How lucky I am!! I am taking advantage of this every day. Sometimes even twice!

The end of this track (which would take about 25 minutes or so) here we are: Ansan Lake Park. This is a real treat! Whenever I am here I get overwhelmed by the feeling that I am nicely covered with the green cozy blanket. Whether I have a good day or not-so-good day my walk truly benefits me. I would call it ‘my daily dose of green vitamin’.
Here’s a little rose garden in front of the subway station. Those look even prettier than last few years I think. There are so many different kinds that I don’t possibly recognize which is which. But, one thing I can clearly say is that… they are all magnificent and make people passing by so excited! It is not too hard to see people taking out their smart phones and taking lots of photos.
This is one of my proud spots! Almost-free-bicycle rental stations. From the last year machine-operated bicycle stations like this are available all around the city. A 24-hour pass costs only $1. Or you can purchase a monthly membership at even a greater rate ($3)! What a cool system! I am still relearning (I used to enjoy riding it perfectly when I was a little girl but recently I realized I am pretty struggling. My parents said it is impossible to forget how to bike once people learn it. Well, obviously I am not regular then.) Well, hopefully I can master it by this fall and this time it lasts long.
Hope you enjoyed a little route of my town. It is a city surrounded by greens, water, and flowers. That’s what I like about this city and my work is deeply touched by the wonderful nature. I try to bring the colors, textures and shapes of nature to my creations. Well, still long way to go and I keep trying. I believe nature is the best inspiration for creation.

I am wondering where all you live and how those neighborhoods affect your crafting process. I am sure you’re enjoying your own town very much, too. After all every little village has its own charm and something to offer.

Now time to say good-bye and wish you good luck on your WIPs. Next time I am gonna share some of my WIPs, too! Keep creating and have lots of fun!