Saturday, July 26, 2014

Summer Knitting

Hi everyone,

How's your summer (or winter) treating you so far? Hope your days have been fun, creative and full of excitements as mine has been.

Korea is having lots of rains recently. Supposed to be very steamy and humid in this time of the year so.. I often slow down my knitting/crocheting process. Well, I rephrase then.. It is less cozy to work with warm wools when the weather is like this. (I really miss crispy cool breeze of autumn when I knit and craft as much as I want!) However, the other day I spontaneously started this unusual piece hoping I don't have to suffer from too-toasty yarns and too-long knitting hours. It fit the bill! It worked out pretty quickly and the result was way interesting than I originally expected. I am pretty surprised!

Since I explored this linen stitch a couple of years ago I've been thinking about what I am gonna make with this. Such a simple stitch that makes wonderfully rich texture. I've been constantly looking for perfect yarns for this stitch. Checking out lots and lots of finished projects from fellow knitters (hooray, Ravelry!! I found a number of fabulous ways of using this stitch from many many knitters. They are so genius and inspiring!) I got some clear ideas about yarns, projects that would make this stitch a perfection.

So now here's my turn to unveil my project. When I saw this yarn (acrylic plus nylon mix) I instantly knew that it is about time to practice linen stitch. Don't you feel just delightful when you find a perfect marriage of yarns and projects! I do very much! So this is it! The yarn compliments the texture as well as the texture compliments the yarn. A bit hard to read the stitch definition but that's the beauty of this particular piece: rustic and festive!

Finished in 2 weeks (but if I were working on this project only it would've been just a couple of days to whip up) this became one of my favorite projects I've ever worked on. Obviously yarns and the linen stitch did all the work for me. I didn't really have to pay attention to the pattern after a few rows. It was just fun to watch how this little piece is growing with unexpectable color patterns and crazy texture. This unique place mat absolutely jezzes up my plain dinner table now.

I think I am gonna buy more of this yarn in different colors and make some more for gifts. The finished piece is not only looking great but simply practical! Who wouldn't need a little pretty place mat on their kitchen table, right? This would make a great present for ANYONE! Perhapses you might want to make some, too. I am sure you would enjoy creating this.

Now time to wish you have wonderful days until I write again. Whether hot or cold enjoy your stitching and have some fun!




Jodiebodie said...

I love the look of that stitch texture. I am only a beginning knitter. Are there any tutorials or other sources of instruction for the linen stitch that you would recommend?

Soyun Park said...

Hi Jodiebodie,

Thanks for visiting my blog. Hope you enjoyed reading it.
Here's a link of the pattern I used. This is very easy and simple. It would help you practice linen stitch. Hope this works. If not please let me know. I am happy to help you further~ Happy stitching!

Francesca Caricato said...

Bello! lovely project!

Soyun Park said...

Thanks, Francesca,

It was so fun to make this. You should make some, too~

XannA said...

it very pretty!!!!

SarcasticKlicker said...

Beautiful! I'll look up that stitch!

Anonymous said...

Hi ,
I have some perfect Habu textile linen/silk/ yarn for these. Can you share the pattern? I don't see the link you refer to.
Thank you!
Lovely- I too have not done linen stitch and I am looking forward to it.
Robinbb at Ravelry

Soyun Park said...

I used this simple stitch pattern. Hope it helps~

Dana Ayotte said...

These are lovely! I am about to try linen stitch for the first time, actually, in a scarf.

Soyun Park said...

Good luck! I am sure you will enjoy knitting a new scarf. Let met know once you finish. I am excited to check it out! Happy stitching~

Mark Ballard said...

That is art! The colors pop. The texture is there in spades. Presentation is perfect. Weak in the knees over placemats. Well done.

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