Thursday, April 14, 2016

Flower Power

 Hi everyone~

Hope your spring is full of warmth, freshness, and love just like gentle spring breeze. We are approaching the top of wonderful spring in Korea. My daily walk trail is nicely dressed up with colorful spring flowers and yellow green baby buds. They reminds me of preciousness of life, freshness of a new start, and warm fuzzy feelings of my loved ones.

While I was enjoying this marvelous season I whipped up one little project. This is my first time playing with lots of colors at once. Well, wanted to show off saying I did "colorwork" but I am not quite there yet. So.. this is my simple version of colorwork. (Please don't laugh.) Hopefully sometime soon I can master real colorwork so I can introduce some of my projects proudly. Until then this would be my colorwork.

Making lots and lots of flowers were fun but weaving ends was purely painful. It took forever but I admit that flowers are POWERFUL!~. Love the every each vibrant color and the vibe the whole combination brings. I have to say it is absolutely labor of love.

I am using this little pouch for my yarn cozy. Perhaps it is little too fancy for a ball of yarn but whenever I look at it I cannot get off of my eyes from it. It is just too fun!

So, what is you side of spring story? Are you making something fun, too? Something for someone you love? I'd love to hear what you're up to~




Jodiebodie said...

I love your blossoms - both the real life photos and your crocheted ones. It is always interesting to see the plants from other climates. I am finishing a project which has flower motifs in it and hope to show it off soon. So lovely to see a post from you!

Soyun said...

Hi Jodie,

Thanks so much for your compliments. :) Just like you I am so excited to see different plants from the other part of the world. Isn't it cool that you see this plant every day but the people in the other side of world did not even hear of?
I am very curious of what you're making. Please let me know once you finish so I can enjoy your work, too.
Happy stitching~

Hilda said...

Such a nice post! Great idea to leave that link to come here and admire these beauties. No wonder how you get so inspired! So you now carry them as flowers, wonderful!!
Hilda from Ravelry