Monday, May 2, 2016

Now you can find me on Instagram~

Hi there,

This is a short memo for those interested in my working process and behind the scenes of my little atelier. I started sharing my simple daily life on Instagram finally. (Warning: I might disappoint you with my extra-humble photo album. But, I am trying to improve asap so you can taste more of my creative life from the other side of the globe. I promise~)

If you're interested please visit and follow me. I will try to jazz up with cool photos of working in progress projects, my messy yet cozy atelier, the little nest I am building with my dear hubby, and something that surprise you. I truly hope you guys find some fun out of my page. I love blogging but as you guys know I cannot update as often as I want. So hopefully this would help us know each other better. Oh, but it does not mean I am gonna ditch blogging. I am still gonna be here as often as possible.

For those who prefer computer version here's a link. ( If you already using Instagram you can find me simply plugging "atelierdesoyun" for search.

Thanks and see you there~