Tuesday, June 14, 2016

What summer calls for

Hi all,
How is the weather treating you this time of the year? It is getting warmer and more humid day by day in Korea. Well, still not too bad though. Sunny, flowery, breezy, and dry enough to enjoy outdoor. I am so~ loving it! Unfortunately, the rainy season is coming and it is my least favorite. Honestly I am pretty terrified with summer in Korea. (Isn't it funny that I worry about next summer during the winter season? I guess I could've enjoyed winter more if I didn't worry about coming season too much.) 
Now it is the last minute I can enjoy knitting before summer officially shows up and stops me from what I like most in the world. It means I better hurry up. So I decided to join KAL/ CALs to keep myself being extra busy with stitching. It is always helpful to have knitting friends to inspire and encourage myself. This time I joined some podcast KAL/CAL groups to maximize my stitching process. Watching and listening to podcasts are fun yet stitching together is double exciting! I've just started but I can say I am already pretty thrilled by this passionate waves of knitters. I didn't expect many people are knitting in this warm weather. I see huge numbers of fellow knitters joining those events and enjoying somewhat competitive ambience. This is super fun!

So far I finished two of my projects. Since I practice lace summer only (barely 2-3 months of the year) my lacework skill isn't great yet. But, as long as I don't gift them I don't worry so much about randomly broken holes and missing textures.. :)

I like this shawl because it is extra airy. Even though mainly made of wool it is still very breathable and light. Since it is pretty easy to squeeze in my tote I can bring it anywhere I go and put on anytime I feel uncomfortably chilly with the blow of an air conditioner.

The next shawl is made of Italian Linen. As usual linen never brings me down. The shawl does not stick to my skin and feels always dry and fresh. Just perfect for humid summer in Korea. I am glad I bought this yarn while I was travelling in Italy. I just wish yarn is not too heavy and bulky to carry. Sometimes I feel sorry to my hubby that I purchase too many things while we are travelling. We usually travel about a month so already many bags to handle. Adding more packages wouldn't be welcomed by those who doesn't shop at all. :) But, I have to say yarn collected from all over the world made my knitting way more vibrant and unique. It also reminds me of great memories of the trip whenever I play with it. How can I stop bringing yarns from abroad? (Don't tell my sweet hubby.)

What's on your needles and hooks? Anyone joining KAL/CALs? If you have something fun let me know. I'd like to join, too~ Happy summer!