Friday, February 17, 2017

New Arrivals~
Hi guys~
Are you all enjoying this season? Hope you're having healthy and creative every each day. I am having some fun with creating new products at my atelier and getting excited for the coming new season. It is fun but also somewhat nervous opening a new door that I've never entered. It is quite a feeling~ :) 
Today I'd like to introduce some of my new arrivals in this spring. I might do this next few postings since I am still in the process of designing and creating. Hopefully these do not bore you too much. I truly hope you get some inspirations and ideas from what I try to do here. I promise I am gonna make it simple and quick!
What is your favorite needles as a knitter? Mine is "interchangeable needle sets". I like their flexibility and easiness to carry. Also, they are easy to organize and keep neat. I have about 3 different full sets but still want some more. Well, never-ending desire for knitting notions that I love and hate about myself. :) Since I have so many needle sets I really have to organize them often. Otherwise I lose them here and there and end up with NOT finding anywhere. Can you believe that? I need #6 needles and I know I have 3 sets that are not used at this moment but I don't know where they are. Yes, I know I am terrible. I am a needle case maker but I have to admit that from time to time I have hard time to find my needles. That being said I should use my organizer more often and keep them neat.
So I developed a new design for interchangeable needles. This time I am stretching a bit and adopting new style of fabrics. Last few years I have solely played with solid linen. Finally I got out of my comfort zone and decided to embrace new friends. Don't get me wrong. Still I adore natural fabrics. This time I am moving to another natural family: Cotton & weaved cotton. I've been longing to play with weaved fabrics forever. Precisely I'd love to learn how to weave and I am planning it later this year. We will see~ :P
So here they are! They are for interchangeable needles but I am creating different designs for other kinds of needles and crochet hooks. As you see they got smaller and simpler than my original version yet still can house a good number of needle sets and cables. I also added O-rings for stitch markers and progress keepers. I found them real handy when I am out. As always you can customize as you wish: Pocket sizes, numbers, colors and anything if you need~ Since I like my case in my way I am sure you'd enjoy yours in your way, too!
Hope you like them. There are so many needle cases are available but I'd like to offer one of the best that you would call it a "go-to-case". You know you can reach me with your suggestions, ideas or any requests. I will be so excited to hear from you. Don't be shy and let me know what you think.
Have a wonderful weekend and talk to you soon~