Saturday, December 5, 2015

A Little Something for My Lonely Corner

Hi everyone,

Are you having a festive, fun, exciting holiday season? I am sure many of you are extra busy for preparing family get-togethers, year-end-meetings, gift-shoppings, and all other activities. Today I am writing a quick post of my recent crochet project. Nothing particularly special but just let you what I've been up to. :)

Somehow I've been hooked on crocheting with colorful, fun yarns nowadays. I LOVE strong, rich colors but when it comes to combining colors I am rather conservative. Personally I take a safe road and usually happy with it. In Korea there's a old saying. "You start getting into vibrant colors. It means you're getting older." Not sure where it came from but suddenly I am a bit worried myself. :) Well, I'd like to think it is just a good way of getting old. What is fun if we like exactly the same colors, same shades, same things in our whole life. Must be super boring. Even if that's a sign of getting old I am happy that I finally am able to appreciate wider spectrum of colors.

Here's my tiny corner next to my bed. Since we moved to this house it's been extra plain almost a year. A white cabinet, a white table. As simple as possible. Well, but from some point this year I started adoring vibrant colors by purchasing lots of colorful yarns. As a knitter we will never have enough yarns (Am I right or what?) but some of those yarns turned out to be not my cup of coffee. I was not really fond of how they felt against my skin. So I proceeded a project to use up some of them for something not wearables.

She is called a baby blanket (Rainbow Ripple Baby Blanket by Celeste Young)  but I decided to give her a different purpose. Now you can see how I enjoy her. She is just perfect for my rather boring corner. It might be still little too wild for my taste but I am stunned by the way she sits on my table. She totally changes the ambiance of our bedroom. What you do think?

This is such an easy pattern that anyone who can do dc could finish in a few days. Play with colors so you can make this simple pattern look extra fun. you'll be totally surprised with what you create~ I am happy with the result so much that I might try some more soon. I am getting older but finding something new is extra exciting!

Happy Holidays and Keep Creating~



Monday, June 15, 2015

What I've been up to

Hello, hello ~

Long time no see everyone. I know, I know. It has been too~ long since I made my last post. If there were no date attached on the last post I wouldn't remember when it was. Sorry for the delay and long absence. I again realized  how great commitment a good blog requires. I should get back to work and make this place more fun for all of us. Hope you keep stopping by and don't let me go~

It has been incredibly busy winter as well as pretty hectic spring. Oh, no worries though. Everything is under control now. . Just a little too many things were in my to do list occupying me last two seasons. Moving in and out, travelling to the States for a big family union, lots of shopping and organizing process for the new nest. But, mainly I wasn't particularly passionate about writing in busy, overwhelming times. My heart was wandering just every where. HOWEVER, you see. I am back as always. That's a good thing about blogging. As long as you guys are with me I can always start over. So, what I am asking is please don't forget to swing by from time to time and say 'hi' with your beautiful smiles~ You know... that is my best inspiration.

What are you guys up to these days? New projects? New relationships? New resolutions (It's funny yet I make new resolutions every week and keep adjusting. It works better than do it yearly for me. What about you?) or New anything? I started a bunch of new things this year. Sure, I make lots of things (and fail in finishing many of them, too. Oh, well. That is life, isn't it?). One of things going pretty well is my gardening practice. I've been wanting to garden forever but the place where I lived was not plant-friendly. Finally me and my hubby moved to this new house that gets fantastic amount of sunlight during the daytime. So I made this micro garden in my little balcony. This is absolutely my dream come true. I am truly thrilled~

One by one, my collections are growing. They are growing real fast changing colors and shapes over night. Simply looking at them makes me excited. What beautiful creatures God gave to us! The best part is I can use them for my cooking whenever I need and they are absolutely organic. First thing I do right after I get up is visiting them to say 'good morning' as well as the last thing I do before I go to bed is giving 'good-night' kisses to my greens. They became a huge part of my daily life and I love it. :) (Sorry, my dear J if you feel neglected. They are just too vulnerable so I give them extra care now. BUT You're still the one I love most.) Already I used lots of greens for my salad and sandwiches. Those bought from supermarkets cannot beat my extra soft and crispy greens. From the field to my table it only takes 3 mins. Cannot get fresher! Anyway, my official first garden is going really well so now I am planning to get some more.

Project-wise I am working on those cuties. It is a secret what I am gonna do with little flowers. I will reveal it by the end of this year. (Hint: the yarn I am using is warm, cozy wool and I am gonna finish by this autumn) So until then I will keep making those as many as possible. They are real sweet and pretty addictive. I cannot stop crocheting them. The weather is getting little too warm to work with pure wool but let's see how many I can finish by this fall.

Also, I am working on new knitting bags and needle cases as you guess. It is always great to apply your ideas to my projects. If you have some thoughts for my products or any suggestions simply drop a line via my E-Mail or comment here. It will be very very appreciated~

Hope your spring is fun and creative! Cannot wait to hear from you soon! I will be back with more exciting updates!

Take care~


Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Very very Korean Crafts Market

Hi, everyone. Are you having a good time with a help of this marvelous weather? I am so~ enjoying this crispy autumnal air. Today I'd like to take you to my favorite playground. I am pretty sure that you'd love this place as well.

A couple of years ago, I promised I was going to introduce this sometime not too late. Didn't really know that it would take this long but finally your time has come and I am proudly uncovering the crafters' heaven in Korea.

Pretty often I get the same question from some of my customers (especially those visiting Korea). "Where do I get some crafty stuff in Korea? Any yarn shops? Crafts markets?" Well, if you're looking for something for crafts in Korea you cannot do better than this:  DongDaeMun Market. 

If you ever planned to visit Seoul you might hear a tourist spot called "DongDaeMun" which is a huge traditional Korean gate as you see in the photo. It is one of national treasuries in Korea. The Market is sitting just next to it. Means it is hard to miss. 

There are so many building complexes (they are all markets by the way.) in this Market and one of buildings is fully devoted to crafts. Literally 'crafts' I can say. No trouble to access from the downtown Seoul (subway line 4 DongDaeMun stn.) and you can find anything you need for your projects. The great price is the plus.

I get most of my craft materials at this fabulous place. From sewing threads, buttons, yarns, fabrics, bag handles, zippers, and more. You just name it! As a first timer you might be overwhelmed by the size of the Market as well as the extra-busy ambiance. This is a typical Korean style market. It’s been growing many decades and still going so well. Some parts of the Market run 24/7 and you can find lots of quality fashion accessories created by independent local designers. People say that from a designing to finishing takes less than 1day in this Market. They start designing today, collecting materials and creating products overnight and the finished clothes is out for sale in the Market by tomorrow morning. Every day they offer a variety of new designs and products. Isn't it pretty amazing?

The craft Market is one of the important parts of this Market. Located next to the subway station it works like a heart to this huge organization. The narrow aisles are often filled with busy buyers and sellers. Loads of goodies here and there are waiving to you saying ‘take me!’ Seriously you have to watch out. You might end up with shopping until you drop. (I am not joking.) There are so many stuffs catching your eyes. Time will fly in this town! If you realized you purchased too much to carry then they will deliver at a reasonable price. If you feel lost no worries. Kindly every shop has its own numbers that guide you. If you find a shop that you’d like to come back later simply remember the shop name and number. That will save you good deal of time and energy in the future.

Underground level is for knitting yarns and knitting notions. From the 1st  Up to 4th floor you can find various fabrics and sewing notions. On the 5th floor you will pleasantly encounter itsy bitsy DIY materials like buttons, ribbons, laces, jewelry, and more. You will be literally shocked by notion attack. I mean in a great way!

Nearby there are lots of other shopping malls, shops, restaurants, street vendors, exhibition center and more. If you have a chance please stop by this magnificent area. I am sure you will be nicely pleased. I hope you enjoyed this virtual tour of the fabulous Market. Let me know if you need further info. I will be happy to help you~ xo