Thursday, July 6, 2017

My favorite thing in this time of the year: cleaning my atelier.


Earlier this year I and J were moving to a bigger house totally out of the blue. We're pleasantly excited yet physically exhausted after this sudden movement. (Yes, here's a not-so-legit excuse why I was not around recently.)

Thanks to the extra room available I was able to move my atelier at home. I am super stocked! However, after taking care of most of my craft materials I encountered this huge mountain stacks of fabrics (and balls of yarns). Thanks to J I was able to organize some of my fabrics in such a neat way (by the way.. I truly love this fabric organizer made out of a crib!) but as you might guess I still have so many rolls of fabrics in the box with sad faces. What about yarns? I couldn't even start yet. I am gonna have to spend good chunks of time organizing those in this summer. Hopefully I can show you some improvement soon.

Isn't it so funny whenever I begin to work on new projects I can't find the right one to use from my stock? I always end up with getting more stuffs. Sweet J. He never gives me the face saying, "Don't you have enough already??" Ah, do I have enough or do I need more? It's only me who keeps adoring such gorgeous human creations and desiring more? Please tell me "No". :)